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Feel free to peruse the site and use the technology to interact with me asking questions you may have or just give me a call for a brief free consultation. I have been providing counseling services in various settings in Orange County, NC since 1996 and clinical Supervision since 2011. I earned a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from Goddard College in Vermont in 1996 and became a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of North Carolina in 1998. In addition to working three quarter time in an agency setting for the past eight years serving young children with emotional behavioral difficulties, and their respective caregivers; I have maintained a private office serving individuals (of all ages), couples and families.

The office of Integral Counseling Services is currently located in a peaceful wooded setting to promote and deepen our connection to nature as it reflects both our quiet stillness and our passionate aliveness. Our relationship to nature can inform us about the inner resources we all have but have learned to disregard. It is a coming home of sorts, which is what healing is all about. Coming home to our true nature where we can learn to accept ourselves as we are, in order to freely grow into who we would like to become.

It is my understanding that when you open your inner world to another person, you are inviting them into your sacred space and I treat it as such, using a combination of psychological and spiritual interventions to support each client or family where you are. I provide a place to safely explore the essence of who you are, how you arrived at this point in time, and to take charge of your life in order to shape the future according to your dreams. This could mean: changing beliefs, thoughts, behaviors that no longer serve you, learning and practicing new relational skills, improving relationships that are draining as opposed to enlivening (especially the one with yourself), choosing new directions, and gaining support and momentum to take actions to heal your life (some of which you may already know you would like to take in your life).

We begin with a client centered treatment plan stating what you would like assistance with and I bring an array of therapeutic interventions from my training in: Family Therapy, Play Therapy, Parent Child Interactive Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Somatic Therapies, Child Development, Parent Education, Crisis Intervention, Human Sexuality (in its full array), Trauma Recovery, Mindfulness Practices, Systems Theory and Indigenous Healing Ceremonies to address the goals you present for healing. We work on many levels at once much like life itself, tackling the issues at hand, while striving to attain the larger visions and goals that you hold for yourself and/or your family.

It is my understanding that psychology can heal about 60% of the dis-ease that people carry with them into adulthood. We all have the ability to tap into our core and heal ourselves but we have been told otherwise so we sometimes need a guide to help us retrace the steps to the altar of our inner knowing. My job is to hold up the mirror for you to look inward; if that is not enough, I will also hold up a light. I promise to respect your right to know and to take curative action on your own behalf by reflecting the truth as I perceive it by. In so doing, I can assist you in identifying opportunities to take actions in your life that further promote healing. This could be: books to read or family work to resolve conflicts and facilitate forgiveness and reconciliation, parenting strategies to employ, ways to enhance self-awareness and self-empowerment, anger management skills, tips for successful communication, interpersonal skill building, ceremonies for healing missing or wounded soul pieces, referrals for medical treatment or medication if needed, various group therapies, pursuing hobbies and interests, increasing support networks and more. Ultimately, the only limitations are those that we place upon ourselves.

I find that there is no “talking cure”, but there is a talk until I know what action(s) to take in my life cure! The value of insight into ourselves, our relationships, our history (personal and collective) is immeasurable if we use it to stop cycles of violence, dysfunction and inefficacy in our lives. The native peoples say that when we heal ourselves we heal seven generations before and after us, which brings even greater significance to our personal healing journeys. Years of working with high risk families with multiple factors working against them have poignantly proved this point to me. When we take knowledge and use it to improve our lives and the lives of our children, one issue at a time, then they are freed up to learn and grow with ample energy to realize their dreams and aspirations. When our children are not left clutching the reigns of the runaway cart of our unfulfilled dreams, unhealed traumas, and un-forgiven sorrows, they are able to proceed full throttle into their lives with external and internal resources to creatively tackle the challenges and opportunities life offers them. By healing our lives we heal theirs. The choice is ours.

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FEES FOR COUNSELING: My adjustable fee scale rates for counseling (when not using insurance) are listed on page 4 of the Business Policies and Procedures document. If using insurance your co-pay or co-insurance will be determined before your appointment based on your policy deductible and plan . This will necessitate my getting that information ahead of time or your finding out that information from the insurance company.
Please download and print the correct forms prior to our first appointment:

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INSURANCE: I am on a few insurance panels. You will need to check your insurance (or ask me) to see if I am covered in or out of network. Please be advised that using insurance for mental health services translates into less confidentiality due to the right of insurance companies to review your medical records and manage your ‘care’. It also necessitates a DSM-IV or ICD-9 diagnosis that remains in your insurance record and can impact future coverage and benefits.

APPOINTMENTS: Daytime and evening hours. Occasional Saturdays. Call Miriam Lieberman at 919 304-5754 (office) or 919 618-4919 (cell). Both have confidential voice mails. If someone other than myself answers the office phone you may always request to redial and let voice mail pick up if you prefer to bypass a third party.